vindur tarot deck by leah pantea


(March 2018-Current)

  • 78 original card illustrations, after careful research

  • fine watercolor + ink on watercolor paper

All cards are considered and crafted by Leah Pantéa. Leah is creating this deck with a strict 4 pallet color scheme, one color associated with each of the minor arcana suits, and a combination of the 4 colors. The "fool" character in the major arcana is crafted to be gender-neutral, taking on both a feminine and masculine feel. Her cards are minimal + clean, striving for a modern feel, using geometric blocking and color pooling to create a unique and thoughtful deck. 

So, you want a deck?

This deck is still in progress! If you are interested in a deck, please join the mailing list below to stay updated.

Pre-sale/ In select retailers Dec 2019.

Online shop opens Jan 2020.

You can also stay current on the cards through instagram