(2020) The Predators Within

Currently Leah is working with Breeann Kirby and Forest Rowher on an upcoming book to be released through MIT Press, titled "The Predators Within".  Stay current on what Leah is working on through instagram, and the book's progress through #thepredatorswithin on both instagram and twitter.

All illustrations are original, and created by hand in watercolor and ink on hot-pressed 100% cotton watercolor paper.


(2017) Thinking Like A Phage: The Genius of the Viruses that Infect Bacteria and Archea

by Merry Youle 

  • 103 custom illustrations

  • Full Color

  • Artwork created 100% by hand (non-digitally)

  • Dye-based ink on mylar

Life in Our Phage World: A Centennial Field Guide to Earth's Most Diverse Inhabitants

By Forest Rowher, Merry Youle, Heather Maughan, Nao Hisakawa

  • 73 original illustrations

  • 122 illustrative appearance

  • Artwork created 100% non-digitally by hand

  • India ink on mylar