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Creative illustration for the technical mind. 

Hi! Thanks for visiting me, I'm Leah Pantéa.

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, nurturing a love for big-time sunshine, epic sky-scapes and a house cat or two. After attending college at Central Washington University, and obtaining my BFA (drawing + painting), I moved to America's Finest City, San Diego, CA,  where I work in my bright home studio, balancing my love for time consuming oil paintings and fun illustration projects. 


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Thinking Like A Phage (2017)

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Book Illustration Stats:

  • 103 custom illustrations
  • Full Color
  • Artwork created 100% by hand (non-digitally)
  • Ink on mylar

Book Bio:

It ain't easy being a phage. To succeed, a phage must take over a bacterial or archaeal cell, replicate therein, and then send its progeny out into the world to find hosts of its own. In this engaging look, Merry Youle relates the ingenious tactics used by 21 pheatured phages as they go about their work. The text is accompanied by superb electron micrographs and enlivened by illustrations created by artist Leah Pantéa. Let the phages delight you and expand your appreciation for this invisible dimension of our world.


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My beloved pet project! I am actively researching and illustrating 2-4 cards per week in watercolor and ink. Wanna see more + get in on the release date?


Work Experience

2019: "The Predators Within," MIT Press

2019: LLP Tarot Deck, Self Publish 

2018: Little Black House, promo material 

2018: Cow By Bear, private use

2018: University of Oregon, Microbiology Dept. 

2017: Small World Initiative, promo material 

2017: "Thinking Like A Phage." Wholon Company 

2015: "Life In Our Phage World," Wholon Company





Leah Pantéa